Construction of the storage Gallery

rainwater HAY SADRI  in Casablanca - MOROCCO

National Water Office

18 000 000 $


The "Hay Sadri" rainwater storage gallery is part of a global project to protect the eastern area of Casablanca against flooding, called "Eastern Reinforcement System". The system will eventually evacuate excess rainwater to the sea and thus protect the eastern zone against localized overflows.

The project of the storage gallery consists in the realization of a collector built more than 30 meters deep, a length of nearly 1.4 km and a diameter of 4 meters. The gallery therefore crosses several layers of soil that had to be looked at in detail.

In order to be able to define the subject as a whole, several models have been developed to approach the real model of the gallery and the soil. Our mission extended to the control and monitoring mission of the completion of the work to ensure compliance with the theoretical aspect.